Me & You Can Fight The Flu

About the Campaign:

Me and You Can Fight the Flu” was conceptualized and designed by Freedom Martin who, as of fall 2020, is a current student enrolled in St. Ambrose University’s (SAU) Master of Public Health program (MPH). Freedom recently completed a Bachelor of Public Health degree at Winona State University with an emphasis in Epidemiology and a minor in Statistics, highlighting that disease prevention and tracking were the topics that caused him to gravitate towards the field of public health. Freedom completed an internship with Bridges Health over the summer, taking a leadership position on the development of a variety of community health projects, including an outreach program to empower and protect a low-income community in Winona and the implementation of a COVID testing site in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Freedom hopes to bring his creative approaches to community health obstacles and his diverse leadership experience to the public health field, including multiple executive roles in various Residence Life organizations, representation of the student body on SAU’s MPH Community Advisory Board, and interprofessional team leadership with Bridges Health.

Posted here are a series of informational seminars for you, all things related to the flu.

Please watch and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Information is current as of date the video was created.

Watch this quick seminar to learn about Flu Myth Busters
(9 minutes)
Watch this quick seminar to learn about the Flu Vaccine
(7 minutes)
Watch this quick seminar to learn about the Flu Vaccine
(5 minutes)
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